Our Team

“I was introduced to Yerkes several years ago during my oldest son’s field trip. We loved our time here and were so sad when it closed. Now, I’m honored to be on the Yerkes team bringing it back to life in a new way. I enjoy watching others experience this setting for the first time. Witnessing their amazement reminds me of that field trip. It’s a distinct, inspiring feeling that stays with you. It has certainly stayed with me.”

Erin Cullen

Development & Operations Coordinator

Erin runs many of the behind-the-scenes systems of Yerkes. She coordinates fundraising, strategic planning, volunteers, and development operations. Earning her degree from Illinois State University, she has valuable experience in the medical and education fields. Originally from northern Illinois, Erin now lives in Wisconsin with her husband and two sons. If you have a question about how you can best support Yerkes, please reach out to Erin at ecullen@yerkesobservatory.org.

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