Our Team

“Yerkes has so many moving parts, sleeping parts, and parts we’re building from scratch. I’m honored to have this once-in-a-lifetime job where I get to keep the moving parts moving, wake up the sleeping parts, and build the new parts with an awesome team. I love our community, so getting to work at the centerpiece of it is really cool. The fact that Yerkes is also an epicenter of the worldwide astronomy community is an unexpected bonus.”

Marc Stanek

Director of Facilities & Grounds

Marc is in charge of the restoration, preservation, and maintenance of the Observatory and houses on site. He is also responsible for the care of the fifty-acre arboretum. In addition to his daily commitment to hands-on work, he oversees the work of several crews of contractors. Marc comes to Yerkes after working as a law enforcement officer in Williams Bay. Before moving to Wisconsin, he held management positions at the Illinois Department of Natural Resources working on historic buildings and recreation areas on thousands of acres at Illini State Park. Marc and his family live in the Bay where he coaches high school football.

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