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Thank you for taking time to explore new paths on our website where we extend hands and minds to the universe for collaboration. Whether you’re an astronomer or scientist in any field of study, we’re open for ideas, communication, and research opportunities. If you’re a teacher or student, you will find this modern era of Yerkes Observatory one of teamwork, construction, progress, and inclusivity across a wild cross-section of people around the globe. We have peopled our staff with astronomers, science educators, and artists who are creating new ways of teaching and learning, new ways of contextualizing and spotlighting the impactful history of our institution, and new ways of illuminating the workings and art of space. We profoundly appreciate that we’ve been given this chance to work with folks who care about the future of the heralded Yerkes Observatory as we embark together on this contemporary mission. Please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to be reached!

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